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Managing the complex requirements and processes of a successful business has always been one of the most daunting and resource-consuming tasks that an organization can face. While technology has been presented as “the answer”, many companies have learned the hard way that technology must be cohesively aligned with your core strategy and objectives to reach your company’s full potential.

Dot Designers has recognized this ever-despairing trend in the software community and has answered. By constructing solutions based on precise business objectives and implementing the solution first hand, Dot Designers has experienced client success on many levels.

Dot Designers helps organizations experience better performance and faster work flow through innovative solutions. By executing these solutions quickly and efficiently into our client's existing infrastructures, a calculated return on investment can be experienced much sooner.

We offer a fully integrated repertoire of business solutions and services for:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content Authoring and Publishing
  • Point of Sale
  • Logistics Tracking
  • Distributor Sale Support
  • Mobile Sales Force and Automation

These end-to-end solutions span most all industries and are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce costs for both small and large organizations.

We also offer customization and business process automation, all fully integrated with your current technology infrastructure. This helps our clients get on their feet quickly with a solution that is a perfect fit.

Our combination of robust business solutions and the advantages of customized functions enables our clients to reach new heights in their business performance and operations. Contact us to learn more about how Dot Designers can work with your company to implement a successful business solution.