Dot Designers Marketing. Technology. Multimedia. Redefined.

Technology is reinventing the old way of doing things at a rapid rate. In the last few years, companies have been experiencing huge cost savings and streamlined development by turning to innovative e-learning solutions.

Using a mix of interactive multimedia and streamlined content management, Dot Designers is able to provide effective e-learning solutions to our clients. These solutions effectively aid our clients in the following areas:

Sales and Marketing
Dot Designers delivers comprehensive solutions for accelerating sales training, improving sales presentations, and shorting the length of the sales cycle. Contact us to learn about additional ways Dot Designers can assist your sales team with innovative e-learning strategies.

Education and Training
By implementing a solid e-learning infrastructure, our clients are able to train individuals through e-learning solutions such as One-on-one tutorials, online course libraries, compliance training and testing, rapid training, assessment, and Learning Management System (LMS) content development

Schools and Universities
Dot Designers’s schools and university e-learning solutions are designed to expand and support the various technology and multimedia mediums that are used to educate in the most effective and innovative ways possible.

Human Resources
Dot Designers’s team of e-learning specialists can assist your internal HR team in achieving a greater influence through communications on company benefits and policies, staff and skill development courses, and online employee manuals and corporate guidelines.

Corporate Communications
Executives, management, and departments can now extend their personal presence and deliver their messages to a global audience like never before. Through visual presentations to the global workforce, analyst presentations, earnings releases, all hands and 'state-of-the-company' meetings, and weekly updates to regional offices Dot Designers can assist your company in effectively and visually communicating to your workforce.