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Many companies today jump from marketing initiative to marketing initiative, simply hoping that one of them will happen to pay off. They allocate a budget, hire a “marketing person” or “agency”, and cross their fingers in the hopes that someone can figure out what it might take to elevate the company to the next level. With this type of mentality, it’s no wonder that marketing is viewed as a “black box” that consumes huge amounts of resources and capital with nothing more than creative outputs emerging on the other end – creative outputs that sometimes increase sales and market share, but sometimes do nothing at all but look pretty.

At Dot Designers, we realize that throwing a percentage of your budget on the color red and hoping that the roulette wheel spins your way is a one-way road to disaster. Yes, we do believe in creativity – it’s actually one of the traits that truly set us apart from our competition. In fact, you won’t find many creative geniuses that rival our ability to have your customers double-take and say “Wow”. But unlike a creative ‘agency’ that employs strictly artists, we have dedicated strategy teams that start with the science of marketing first – the “fun stuff” that typically is intentionally overlooked.

Our teams spend the hours with your enterprise that it takes to employ a well-defined strategy that clearly identifies where your company is going and how it is going to get there. When your customers are so impressed by your marketing that they embrace your value proposition, this isn’t a lucky roll of the dice. It means that you’ve spent the hours of quantitative analysis to uncover the needs and wants of your consumers, you’ve developed segmentation strategies and sophisticated targeting approaches, and you’ve crafted specific messages of value that truly activate purchase intent.

At Dot Designers, we balance the science of marketing with the creative edge necessary to cut through the clutter of competing messages, and we move fast.

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