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Improving the way your company relays information to your customer is a multifaceted challenge. By embracing a deep understanding in both developing and distributing information through interactive mediums, Dot Designers has helped our clients succeed through innovative methods of communicating to their customers in the most efficient and exciting ways possible.

Leveraging the needs of the our clients with innovative media design, Dot Designers’s Multimedia Teams are able to create and deploy kiosks that are aimed directly at those needs. Our kiosk solutions increase security, speed, quality, accuracy, and provide an overall better and more informed experience for our client’s customers.

By maintaining a high focus on usability and brand, our media designers are able to produce kiosk portals that are informative, creatively engaging and very exciting to use.

Whether maps and directions, automated registration, inquiries, surrounding tourist sites, or just general information that currently occupies the time of your service desk clerks – a properly engineered kiosk portal can dramatically increase the overall performance of your company.

Our vision, innovation, and experience in kiosk development have enabled us to provide the following solutions for our clients.

  • Visitor Information Portals
  • Retail Portals
  • Tourism Information Portals
  • Hotel Portals
  • Human Resource Portals
  • Healthcare Portals
  • Education Portals

Contact us to learn more about how Dot Designers can work with your company to evaluate, engineer, and deploy a range of kiosk solutions.