Dot Designers Marketing. Technology. Multimedia. Redefined.

Each day millions of people are experiencing unique and powerful media around the world. From interactive web sites to engaging virtual tours, the average consumer is becoming more and more in tune with engaging multimedia.

Dot Designers Multimedia assists our clients by positioning them at the forefront of the multimedia wave and developing cutting edge multimedia projects. Through interactive design, virtual tours, kiosks, and many forms of e-learning, we are able to help our clients succeed like never before in communicating to massive audiences. Through maintaining a user-centric approach to all multimedia campaigns, Dot Designers ensures that each project results in a intuitive connection with its audience.

Dot Designers's multimedia team is made up of the top multimedia designers in the world. This talent, along with innovation, allows Dot Designers to create the most stunning and effective presentations for our clients.

To learn more about Dot Designers's multimedia division, see below::

Interactive Consulting
Dot Designers's interactive consulting teams work with our clients to not only identify crucial multimedia opportunities, but also to develop, implement, and track each initiative to ensure its success across our client's enterprise. Learn More...

Kiosk Development
Assisting and streamlining the development of kiosk solutions can rapidly assist overall customer satisfaction as well as reduced overhead in many areas. Learn More...

Through a solid basis founded in new media communication, Dot Designers's e-Learning professionals are able to identify and implement many areas for improvement through e-Learning initiatives. Spanning nearly all departments, we help our client succeed through streamlined communication through both small, medium, and large enterprises. Learn More...