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Discovering the best opportunities for effective multimedia projects across a corporation can be a daunting task. Many small design shops are skilled in one or two areas and force those areas, regardless of whether or not they are crucial to increasing sales or decreasing costs.

Because of this situation, multimedia has received a bad reputation for being expensive and not very effective. The underlying issue with this perception is that in order for a corporation to position itself in front on their competition, they must invest in effective multimedia projects that will deliver a true return.

Due to the the extremely strong tie between any multimedia development and a company's overall marketing and communication goals, Dot Designers is positioned to deliver a solution that is above the rest. Working closely with Dot Designers's marketing teams, we are able to ensure that each multimedia endeavor is easily justified with a strong return on investment.

Effective development and implementation of truly useful and beneficial multimedia campaigns can be very tricking for all size business. Dot Designers prides itself on being able to analyze a corporation's current communication channels such as a web site, store front, or collateral material to uncover the possible areas that multimedia could serve a benefit. After a detailed analysis, we work with our clients to uncover innovative and cost effective methods to enhance the communication with their workforce and customers.

The result of this approach is multiple multimedia projects that are integrated throughout our client's marketing and technology departments. The combination of effective multimedia projects as well as their direct tie to marketing and technology campaigns allow our clients to succeed by reduce operating costs and increase sales.